Heart 2 Heart

Heart 2 Heart Talk is a youth development program dedicated to helping girls recognize their purpose and achieve their personal and educational goals. Using poetry and the creative arts young girls between the ages of 14-18 are provided mentorship and inspirational outreach enabling them to identify their voice through.


Samiyra Osborne (pseudo name: Sam Mirror) author of “A Poets Journey – Bon Voyage” and motivational speaker, serves as an active figure of empowerment in her community. Ms. Mirror has over 15 years of creative writing experience, is the recipient of national poetry awards and has worked as a professional writer and ghost writer.

Ms. Mirror believes that the creative arts can assist girls in finding their voice, connecting with each other, and developing into healthy, well rounded adults.




Email: sammirror19@gmail.com

Twitter: @sammirror1

Twitter: @heart2heart_2

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