The Give Program


The Give Program is housed in the Center for Performance Excellence in Applied Kinesiology (PEAK) and provides direct grant writing, research support, and general administrative services to community nonprofits based in New York City whose missions center on health and wellness. Give partners with nonprofits who seek to expand their current mission, research agendas, or community enrichment projects but are experiencing setbacks due to financial, community, or staffing shortcomings.


Give’s services are completely pro bono and provided by paid and volunteer undergraduate and graduate level student workers and faculty within Long Island University-Brooklyn’s School of Health Professions and the Give program.


Eligible nonprofits apply to enroll in the Give program. Based on the amount of financial and staffing resources for the year, Give accepts 1-2 nonprofits to support for a *two-year term where we work directly with the nonprofit on building their capacity through grant writing, research, and social media development.

Eligible nonprofits for the GIVE program are:

Within 2 years of creation

**Serve the New York City community

Primary populations served are girls and women with a focus on one or more of the following areas: health, wellness, sport, or exercise.

Have a need for capacity building and development.


* 3-year terms are available based on need.

** Nonprofits relocating or expanding services to Brooklyn are eligible.